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Spanish Words for Horse Terms: List + Printable

A modern stable is a place where multiple languages are sometimes spoken. Communicating effectively is essential to sharing the care of our horses, which are our teammates, pets, and friends. In this article, you’ll find a list of Spanish to English translations of common horse-related words, plus a free printable PDF for easy reference.

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In elite equestrian competitions, it’s common for international riders to bring a horse and their own Spanish-speaking team to the United States. Beyond competitions, it’s not unusual to meet individuals who speak Spanish in riding stables and on horse farms. Jobs provided by horse businesses are sometimes filled by Spanish-speaking people. While many Spanish-speaking horse professionals, horse owners, and horse business owners within the United States generally are bilingual – speaking both Spanish and English – it’s not uncommon to encounter professionals in horse barns, horse shows, or equestrian events that speak exclusively Spanish – or primarily Spanish with a developing grasp of English language and horse-related vocabulary.

One key to communicating effectively about the care of horses is communicating clearly with the team that works to support our horses and our hobby. For that reason, riders who frequently compete in international competition, do business with horse businesses that primarily speak Spanish, or who employ English as a second language Spanish-speaking individuals on staff can benefit from learning a few key phrases related to horses, veterinary care, equestrian equipment, and horse farms.

I believe that every individual involved in horse sports, from Olympic level trainers to grooms and working students is a vital part of keeping the legacy of equestrian sports alive. Extending respect and dignity to all riders and all professionals who work in horse barns goes a long way towards creating an open, friendly, and welcoming environment that invites new riders to take up the hobby and support the industry.

Learning some Spanish horse words and their English translations can help you demonstrate your respect for the Spanish speakers who may be part of your barn or your show circuit. Learning some Spanish horse words also can help communicate vitally important information during critical moments.

Download this Printable PDF

Download A Spanish-English Terms Sheet

Mockup of a printable List of Horse and Stable words and their spanish translations.

In this free download, which I collated from several sources and my own personal experience as a working student in Chile, I’ve gathered some of the most common horse terms and their Spanish translations. While there can be some variation between Spanish-speaking nations (for example, the way a particular piece of horse tack is described in Chile, Mexico, and Spain might all be different) for the most part, knowing some Spanish horse words is better than none at all. Additionally, being able to communicate through both the limited Spanish vocabulary plus body language like pointing and gestures can, together, help you communicate more effectively with Spanish speakers and your horse barn.

Spanish Words for Horse Care Instructions

  • Por favor – Please
  • ¿Se puede poner en… – Can you put on:
  • El cabestro – the halter
  • La brida – the bridle
  • La Martingala – martingale
  • La silla de montar – the saddle
  • La Hoja – the sheet
  • Le Manta – the blanket
  • La Cincha – the girth
  • Llame… – Call:
  • El veterinario – the veterinarian
  • El herrador – the farrier
  • La dentista – the dentist
  • El entrenador – the trainer
  • Gracias – Thank You

Spanish Words for Horse Grooming tools

  • Desparmado – Hoof pick
  • Duro Cepillo – Hard brush
  • Suave Cepillo – Flick brush
  • Peine de curry – Curry comb

Spanish Words for Barn chores and feed

  • Agua – Water
  • Heno – Hay
  • Grano – Grain
  • Cubo de Agua – water bucket
  • Estiércol – Manure
  • Carretilla – Wheelbarrow
  • Picar – to pick
  • Limpiar – to clean
  • Gracias – Thank you

Spanish Words for Horse Anatomy

  • Menudillo – Fetlock
  • Cruz – Withers
  • Cabeza – Head
  • Cuello – Neck
  • Pierna – Leg
  • Casco – Hoof
  • Ojos – Eyes
  • Orejas – Ears
  • Pelo – Hair

Spanish Words for Horse colors

  • Castaño – Bay
  • Bayo – Buckskin
  • Negro – Black
  • Alazán – Chestnut
  • Tordo – Gray
  • Blanco – White

Other Spanish Words useful in Horse Stables

  • Pasto – pasture
  • Ir – to go
  • Medio Galope – canter
  • Enfermo – sick
  • Cólico – colic
  • Establo – barn
  • Caminar – to walk
  • Envolver – to wrap
  • Detener – to stop
  • Trote – trot

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